Home News Edibles Arrive in Cannabis Stores Around Pincher Creek

Edibles Arrive in Cannabis Stores Around Pincher Creek

Edibles Arrive in Cannabis Stores Around Pincher Creek

ALBERTA, Can. – Edibles arrived in cannabis stores all over the Pincher Creek last week, including in the Creek Bud Supply.

Although cannabis-based edible products were made legal in the area since October 17, 2019, cannabis stores have only just received their orders of edible products from the AGLC earlier in January 2020.

Cannabis shops all over the province just received the first shipments of their ordered edible products last week. At the moment, most, if not all, shops in the province should be stocked by edible products, and consumers can now purchase them.

The co-owner and site manager of one cannabis shop in Pincher Creek, Creek Bud Supply, Brad Howell, said that it is nice to hear that edible products have arrived finally. He said that the first time that the province got the offering for cannabis-based edible products was only just this January. However, the delivery date of the products will depend on where the store is located, Howell said.

Howell further stated during an interview that the delivery date for shops in Pincher Creek and Lethbridge is Thursdays and that this is the first the edibles have become available for the market.

He said that other provinces offered edibles in the market first mainly because of the varying regulations on cannabis products on the different provinces, and Alberta based cannabis shops are among the last ones to receive the shipment.

Edibles arrived in cannabis stores in Alberta, under the AGLC, which was also the reason why shops in the province received shipments late. The AGLC only released the products on January 6, said Howell, comparing to ships from other provinces that direct ships from cannabis retailers.

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Meanwhile, Howell said that with the edibles now available in Alberta, there are a variety of products available for their customers. Even more product varieties are expected to come later in 2020, he added.

Listing all the available products in their store, Howell said that they offer chocolate squares, breath mints, and soft chews. They also offer CBD tea bags specifically in their shop located at Pincher Creek, he said. Further, more products are going to hit their shelves soon, including a cannabis product line that offers consumer shatter distillates, concentrate pens, and drinks.

He further stated that the THC concentration varies depending on the kind of edibles, and at Creed Bud Supply, they have different options for all kinds of cannabis consumers. Their shop also offers orally ingested CBD oils, and as for their edibles, they have eight sativa options at the moment, one indica variety, and seven hybrids.

Although edibles arrived in cannabis stores in Alberta, only time will tell when more cannabis-based product varieties will hit shops in the province.


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