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What Is Biden’s Beef With Cannabis?


In March of this year, at least five members of the Biden administration had their employment terminated, at least in part for admitting to past marijuana use. To be clear, “marihuana” remains 100% illegal under federal law. While that is not in question, this move represents a philosophical approach to the cannabis plant on the part of the Biden administration that has been disappointing to say the least.

Now, there may be more to the story of why these staffers got fired, but let’s take stock. We have had more than one POTUS admit to past cannabis use. Not to mention, we have a sitting Vice President who has admitted to cannabis useEven the the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who is charged with maintaining secrecy and operating at the highest of levels of discretion changed this policy over a decade ago.

The bureau’s pot-smoking standard, in place for at least 13 years, was revised after internal debate about whether the policy was eliminating prospects because of drug experimentation. In 2014, the FBI Director put out a public proclamation – “Don’t Let Weed Stop You from Applying to the FBI.” [Read more at Forbes]

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