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The Selling Points of CBD Coffee

CBD Coffee

CBD beverages are on the rise, and ahead of the pack is CBD coffee, a combination that is becoming increasingly more popular among consumers. Do you know why people enjoy mixing coffee with CBD so much? Understanding the reason will help you understand this market and stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the major selling points that are motivating consumers to want CBD in their coffee.

1 – Health

In this age of fitness and dietary concerns, it’s no wonder that the health benefits of CBD attract consumers from all walks of life. Among its many health benefits, CBD has antioxidant properties, which is something you also find in coffee. It makes sense, then, that people would like to combine the two in order to maximize the health benefits of their favorite drink.

2 – Convenience

A significant portion of the consumers who are getting into CBD today is not part of the Marijuana crowd. These are health-conscious people from all ages and walks of life, people who have never been to a headshop, and never owned a bong. For them, the most attractive way to use CBD is always going to be one that doesn’t feel like taking a drug, one that does not disrupt their daily routine.

Add to that the fact that half of Americans already drink coffee every day, and you have a recipe for success. CBD coffee allows people to add CBD into their routines while changing very little. All it takes is changing their order at the coffee shop, or changing the brand of ground coffee they use.

3 – Anxiety

Coffee is an upper, and an anxiety booster. For people who suffer from anxiety disorders, drinking coffee is like pouring gasoline into a fire. However, people don’t always get diagnosed with such a disorder early in life. Quite often, those diagnosed with anxiety disorders have been drinking coffee for years and are already addicted to the substance.

CBD, on the other hand, is a mild-downer that often has a clear impact on anxiety, reducing it and making the symptoms more manageable. When consumed with coffee, many people find that CBD cuts through the anxiety-boosting effects of coffee, while still leaving the focus-boosting effects of the beverage. It’s the best of both worlds, allowing people who are in love with coffee to keep drinking the substance without making their anxiety worse.

Of course, not every customer experiences this perfect synergy when mixing both substances. But the ones who do tend to enjoy it very much.

4 – Drowsiness

For consumers who use CBD for medical reasons — like treating seizures, insomnia, or chronic pain — the relaxing effect of CBD is often an undesirable side-effect, and it can even affect their daily routine if they are using potent doses. In their case, mixing CBD with coffee also allows them to have the best of both worlds, as coffee can help them feel more alert while under the effects of their medication. 

Although, depending on the nature of the condition being treated, patients may be advised against drinking brand CBD coffee, as the treatment relies on precise doses. In such cases, it’s best to buy regular coffee, and then control the dose by adding drops of CBD oil to it.

If you’re thinking of trying some CBD coffee yourself, remember to only use CBD sourced from certified laboratories, like cbd51.

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