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Cirona Labs™ and PhenoTech™ Announce Agreement for California THC Water-Soluble Ingredients



Rochester, NY- Cirona Labs, a premier innovator in cannabinoid science, is pleased to announce a new manufacturing and product development agreement with PhenoTech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lehua Brands Ltd., a California-based licensed cannabis manufacturer and expert in crafted cannabis extractions. The partnership will combine PhenoTech’s unique proprietary manufacturing technology with Cirona’s custom-formulated water-soluble solutions, creating new and unprecedented possibilities for cannabis product developers.

“At Cirona Labs, we’ve invested heavily in water-soluble R&D, with over 900 qualified formulations in our proprietary library. This gives us incredible range to infuse a variety of unique products and to precisely calibrate features like taste, stability, and clarity” said Hunter Friedland, Founder & CEO of Cirona Labs. “We are thrilled to work with like-minded experts at Lehua who are equally focused on delivering the gold standard for cannabis ingredients.”

Cirona Labs and PhenoTech will kick off the partnership by powering four emerging beverages from Lehua Brands: Olala, Voila, Tiki Blast, and TerpTonic, with all four brands soon-to-be available in the California dispensary and direct-to-consumer channels. As demand for high-quality water-soluble ingredients extends to gummies, tinctures, and topicals, Cirona and PhenoTech are excited at the potential opportunity to deliver best-in-class water-soluble ingredients.

“Our partnership with Cirona Labs ensures that Lehua’s house brands, and those of our partners, offer a truly differentiated consumer experience. Superior ingredients are the foundation of any premium consumer product and THC-infused edibles, drinkables, and medicinals are no exception. Together with Cirona, we are creating products that meet the needs of the discerning California cannabis consumer,” said Jonathan Fitzgerald, Co-CEO of Lehua Brands.

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About Cirona Labs

Cirona Labs is a premier supplier of water-soluble cannabinoids, with a heavy focus on emulsion chemistry and food science. Using advanced emulsion technology, their team has developed over 1,000 qualified blends of liquid emulsions and spray-dried powders. These ingredients power a variety of infused products, from beverages to tinctures to topicals.

Based in upstate New York, Cirona Labs is partnered with Cornell University’s Technology Farm, where the team works closely with some of the top academics to continue innovation in hemp. Cirona’s ingredients are made without preservatives, are cGMP-certified, and tested by trusted third-party labs. For more information, visit http://cironalabs.com/.

About PhenoTech

PhenoTech is setting the gold standard for cannabis and hemp extraction.

Using patented technology, PhenoTech enables the extraction, preservation, and purification of native essential aroma and flavor compounds (Cannabis Derived Terpenes or CDTs) produced in the cannabis and hemp plant without cannabinoid contamination from THC, CBD, CBG, etc. Additionally, PhenoTech produces novel active ingredients (Live Resin, Full Spectrum Oil, and Distillates) for cannabinoid infusion and inhalation.

PhenoTech is the award-winning technology behind over 30+ industry awards. For more information about PhenoTech, please visit www.PhenoTechUSA.com.


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