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Supernatural Botanicals: Best Kratom Review


Are you one of those people who do not just trust anything they see on the internet but believe in doing their in-depth research before concluding? I understand that a lot of information on the internet can be confusing and misleading. People may also become victims of counterfeit online shops without even knowing about it. I have written this review, keeping in mind all these things to make sure that you are fully aware of everything about Kratom and from where you can get it.

The review will prove helpful, especially for those people who are not interested in reading long pages of information as I have summed up everything about one of the leading brands in the industry of Kratom. However, before moving forward, we need to have a basic understanding of what Kratom is. Kratom leaves or extracts from these leaves are widely used across the globe as a stimulant and a sedative. Just like cannabis kratom has both benefits and side effects for those who consume it, but undoubtedly the benefits outweigh the side effects. Other than treating chronic pain and curing digestive health, it is precious for people who are trying to escape their drug or alcohol addiction. Authentic Kratom products can give you an energy boost in a short period in case you feel weak early in the morning.

Usually, brands offer Kratom in the form of capsules, powders and even dissolvable liquid so people can get whatever suits their preference. However, not all of them have everything available at a single time, and the prices they charge are not consistent with the quality they have to offer. It wasn’t until a year ago when a friend of mine told me about ‘Supernatural Botanicals’ and their Kratom products. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life as this company lived up to my friend’s claims. If you wish to have a reliable and high-quality supply of Kratom at all times, then continue reading about what ‘Supernatural Botanicals’ is offering to its customers.

What is ‘Supernatural Botanicals’ Offering?

Usually, customers are interested in the price of the product they wish to order. People often associate price with quality of the product meaning a high-priced product is considered to be of good quality while a cheap product is seen as an unsatisfactory item. Now, what if I tell you that the price tags of Supernatural Botanicals products are so low as compared to their competitors that it makes you want to question the brand’s quality. Supernatural Botanicals products are made from 100% pure and organic Kratom that is extracted by professional farmers who are experts in their skills. The extraction methods are unique and well-developed and doesn’t damage the potency of Kratom in any way. I have never come across a brand that sells such high-quality Kratom products at very reasonable prices, so you are not overburdened with the budget. The executives at Supernatural Botanicals respect your spending and do everything in their power to deliver the right kind of product at your doorstep. Their customer service is open at all times, and you can give suggestions and reviews of their products as they believe in improvement through feedback.

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They will provide you with a tracking number in 24hrs once you have placed your order. All your products are shipped safely, and the packaging is done in a way to protect it from any damage. Moreover, Supernatural Botanicals offers free shipping to customers whose order receipts are $100 or more. It is essential that you provide a valid address as it helps the shipping company to deliver at your doorstep without any difficulties. One of the most attractive features is that you can cancel your order before it is shipped and they will give you a full refund in case you are skeptical.


Any sensible businessman is aware of the importance of their brand’s website, especially if it is an online business. You should create your website in a way that makes it easier for people who visit it to operate. Supernatural botanicals have put special effort to present a website that is easy to use by all kinds of people. When you go to their website, you can see different categories at the top such as home, buy Kratom, FAQs, contact etc. However, the most amazing thing is their Kratom guide where you can read all about Kratom and detailed information about how their product is made from scratch as well as what makes it different than others.

What’s In Store?

Unlike other brands, Supernatural Botanical’s products are unique in every way. From their names to price tags and exceptional quality, everything is at a different level than other companies. Let’s take a look at some of their products that are most popular among their customers.

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Bali Gold Kratom Capsules:

This is one of their leading products out there in the market that customers are quite fond of. You can get a bottle of about 80 capsules for just $30, meaning your supply would not run out for a long time once you have received your order. For those of you who are not aware of this, let me tell you that this is made from gold vein strain of Kratom and is widely used for its remarkable medicinal as well as energy inducing effects. In case you have not had a good night’s sleep and feel dull in the morning, take on these to have an increasingly fulfilling day at the office.

Maeng Da Daddy Premium Kratom Capsules:

If you believe that quality is associated with a product’s price tag then think again. The customers can obtain 60 capsules of this product for $15, and all 60 tablets are consistent in quality. The extracts used to produce these capsules are 100% organic and lab-tested, so the consumer feels the effects in a short period. It is particularly helpful in treating depression and anxiety while also helping people suffering from muscular pain.

MIT 45 Gold Capsules:

For people who have been using Kratom capsules, this product will transfer you entirely into a different dimension. It is a powerhouse that can boost your energy in no time even if you have not had a good sleep for days. It is available on their website for just $25 and trust me when I tell you that this is one of their benchmark products whose quality is unmatched at all levels. This is a must-try for people looking to go the extra mile and are tired of the typical effects of Kratom products.

MIT 45 Silver Enhanced Powder Capsules:  

Available for just $9; you can about ten capsules per pack so it is beneficial for people who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on such medicines. However, the effects of this product will be no less, and you will still get your money’s worth.

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MIT 45 Kratom Extract Shot:

This is one of the most potent Kratom extracts available today in the market. It is extracted using state of the art machines and technologically advanced extraction methods. Once taken, it will take a few minutes before you can feel its effects, and what is even more impressive is that it will wear off after a significantly long period. It is a lab-tested item that does not do any damage to your health or cause nausea when ingested. You can get a bottle for $23 and drink it over quite a long period.

Payment Method:

Once you have decided what you are going to order, the next step in placing your order successfully is the payment process. Supernatural Botanicals offers its customers two options for making a payment, one is through E-check, and the other one is through cryptocurrency. E-check is an online electronic check, and all you require to pay through it is a bank routing number. If you are an owner of bitcoin, bitcoin cash, letherium.etc. Then you can also make your payment using those. However, I would advise you to read more about making payments via cryptocurrency on the internet to understand what you are getting yourself into. Once you fully pay for your order, you can relax and wait for the shipping company to knock at your doorstep.

What Are Other Customers Saying?

I am not fond of reading long paragraphs of information about anything on the internet before choosing a particular brand. Just like you, I also had to go to Supernatural Botanical’s social media accounts to read the opinions of their previous customers. I read a lot of good stuff about the brand and the quality of its products. A lot of people were praising their fast shipping service as well as the low-price tags. There was a comment I read which said that due to their consistent quality, I am going to order more from them even though their last supply isn’t finished yet.

Final Words

The main reason for writing this review was to help people acknowledge a brand that is committed to satisfy people in any way possible and make their lives easier instead of attracting them only to take their money for granted.


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