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Leafedout: How Reliable Is Leafedout as a Networking Platform


Hearing about Leafedout the first time might make you ask how reliable Leafedout is. It is completely understandable because cannabis is controversial and people have a different take on what it is all about. Also, it is important that you should be skeptical at first because of the possibility of finding shady websites that might do you more harm than good.

The first thing that you should know is how Leafedout became how it is right now. Knowing how it was formed will give you an idea that Leafedout is a legitimate website indeed. You will also know how it is different from other networking sites and apps like Leafly, Weedmaps, and Craigslist.

Leafedout was founded by a man from Southern California. He goes by the pseudonym, Oho Herer. He was a product manager. He saved enough money to launch this app.

What he had in mind when he created the app was to create a networking platform that caters to the small players in the cannabis industry, although the big guys may use the app too. He said that he found market inefficiencies, and he wanted the app to solve it.

However, the laws governing marijuana consumption is unclear, and some are still in the process of legislation. For this reason, establishing a business that is related to cannabis near me is quite tricky for every entrepreneur who wants to venture in it.

Even though the launch of the app may be open to a lot of questions, Herer was sure that his app is 100 percent legitimate. He said that his app is a mere networking solution. They are out of the transactions that are going on inside the app. They do not even charge any fees.

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He said that his app is like Tinder and Craigslist. Moreover, marijuana is legal in several states. Also, some states are looking forward to legalizing it. For this reason, when it comes to the adherence of the law, Leafedout is not breaking anything.

In fact, since its launch, the app has gained thousands of users which only prove its reliability. It provides a networking platform for individuals who want to find weed for medical and recreational purposes. People may also use the app to look for a job and to sell their products.

Leafedout takes pride in its uniqueness in the cannabis industry. They claim to be the first networking solution that offers a peer-to-peer form of transaction aside from following the business-to-business model like the Leafly and Weedmaps.

The founder said that his goal was more than just to connect the consumers to marijuana businesses. He said that his app’s mission is to create a cannabis community. For this reason, aside from the maps, users can create their own profiles. They can sign up anonymously free of charge.

However, just like sites like Craigslist, you should be cautious about who you are dealing with. Just like what Leafedout emphasizes on their website, they do not facilitate the transactions that are going on in the app. Leafedout cannot be held responsible for transactions that have gone wrong.

Now, you might be already convinced how reliable Leafedout is as a networking platform. In fact, thousands of users are doing their transactions. Perhaps you might want to try it too.Leafedout cops, Leafedout bust, Leafedout police, Leafedout arrest, do cops use Leafedout

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