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What is Dabbing? – A Comprehensive Guide


The reason why they call it ‘dabbing’ is because you literally dab just a tiny amount of concentrate; be it oil or wax. Basically, you place it on the rig, and the device will use it to produce vapors. It’s worth mentioning that since oil concentrates are thicker than any other stuff; they are less likely to run off the nails.

What are Dab Rigs?

A dab rig is unlike any other traditional smoking mechanism you would have seen such as a bong or a pipe. It’s not designed to use any fire at all. Instead, there’s the heating element involved. Basically, the nail gets heated via a torch after which you put the concentrate or the cannabis product of your choice onto it to start ‘dabbing’ it.

It might take a couple of rounds until you’ve gotten the hang of it. After that, it’s pretty easy! However, the exact manner in which different people dab stuff is really based on their preference and style.

But, as a general thumb rule – it involves applying concentrate on the nail or some kind of heating element. Do note that not all nails and heating elements will heat up automatically (except for e-nails). You will have to buy a rig or a torch separately. You can also buy them as part of the package. If so, you can check out Big Daddy Smoke – the online smoke store.

Essentially you heat-up the nail first and then put the oil or the wax onto it. You then put the mouthpiece in your mouth right after placing the concentrate because it starts materializing instantly. As soon as the vapors have materialized; start inhaling the vapors.

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How Effective is Dabbing?

Make no mistake! Dabbing can give you the same level of satisfaction that you’ll get from any other mechanism. It’s in no way supposed to be any less effective than a bong or a pipe. It’s no wonder dab rigs’ popularity has skyrocketed lately and why there seems to be an explosion of these devices everywhere.

How to Dab: Easy Steps

Heat Your Dab Rig

Grab a cup of water and start filling the dab rig till it’s full. Now grab your torch (most people would use a butane torch) to heat the rig. 350 to 600F of temperature should do the trick. This is going to depend on your device’s settings, so be sure to set it accordingly beforehand. Hold a steady hand while heating. It should take no more than 30 seconds to heat the banger/nail.

Wait until the banger/nail has cooled off

Let the rig sit for about 10 seconds. Make sure it has cooled off just enough to reach the right temperature. This step is necessary to suddenly avoid burning your extract, which can be pretty expensive at times. A burnt concentrate can taste horrible, and it could ruin your entire dabbing experience.

Scoop the extract

Once the rig has cooled off, next, you would need to grab the dabber and scoop some of that extract. Place it on the nail. You’re all set to start smoking now.

Take a hit

Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and start inhaling as soon as the concentrate is put on the rig. Swirl the dabber all around the nail to ensure even heating. Many kits will come with a carb cap. If you have one, do put it on after placing the dab. Keep on gently spinning this cap around as you begin to inhale.

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Exhale and Repeat

Slowly exhale your dab. You might want to give it some time (ideally a few minutes) before taking another hit. If you are a novice who is dabbing for the first time, you probably won’t need a second hit because they can be that strong at times.

Safely place the rig and the torch in a safe space

This is an important step; the one that’s easy to forget about if you’re high. Dab rigs at times can be super delicate. A slight bump could easily break them off. To avoid accidentally stepping on it, be sure to neatly wrap it and put it in a place that’s out of children’s reach. Also, make sure the device has cooled-off completely before tucking it away.

Pros and Cons of Dab Rigs

  • Convenience – Just the convenience of getting to enjoy all your favorite concentrates is worth it.
  • Safety Factor – A well-designed quality rig will ensure the safety and security of everyone in the house. Don’t forget that you are dealing with the heat factor here.
  • Stylish looking – Just like pipes and bongs or any other sophisticated-looking smoking mechanism; dab rigs come in an endless variety of styles. On top of that, there’s the provision of mixing and matching multiple components to achieve a unique design that you prefer.

The only situations in which you might experience a few downsides to a dab rig is if you buy a low-quality one with a poorly designed nail. You could end up wasting a lot of your concentrate with a poor-quality device. This usually happens due to their inability to get enough hot or getting too hot suddenly.

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It can be annoying and disappointing when you’re not getting enough vapors. Inhaling vapors that taste burnt is no fun either.

That is why it’s always wise to invest in a quality dab rig even if it means spending a few extra bucks. In the long run, it’s completely worth it.


If you are completely new to the world of dabbing, do invest in a set that comes with a torch and a dabber. You always have the option to upgrade to different components and nails later on to achieve the kind of configuration that your heart desires.

Like most things in life, different people will have different preferences when it comes to dabbing. Therefore, it could be a while before you end-up finding that ‘perfect’ rig which suits you the best. You may want to start by trying other people’s rigs to get a good sense of what it is that you’re looking for before investing in a product.

Always remember that nails and many other components are easy to remove and swap. So, you will never be stuck with just one configuration.

Lastly, remember that dabbing is supposedly to be a fun experience. So, make sure to enjoy every session.


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