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3 Tips to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry

3 Tips to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry

In the late 1930’s, marijuana use was strictly prohibited all over the world. Because of “reefer madness”, it became and acceptable fact that cannabis is the “devil’s drug” that mainly led to people committing crimes against others.

However, as decades passed, studies about its medical effects have been conducted, and in turn, cannabis has turned from pure evil to an actual alternative form of treatment. Thus, the cannabis industry was born, and it has been booming ever since.

Rightfully, many people, particularly marijuana connoisseurs, are the ones that would likely gravitate into making a living out of it. If you are one of them, here are some of the ways to go about it, according to several experts.

Educate Yourself

You could be the biggest, most long-time marijuana consumer out there, but it does not immediately equate to being successful in the cannabis industry. Apart from the first-hand experience, you will also need to further educate yourself about the herb, its various strains, and how it affects the human body in the most specific ways.

As stated in this article, there are several institutions in North America alone that provide curriculums on agriculture and other life sciences. Universities such as Texas A&M, Purdue, and Iowa State are just some of the few among many others that would help you dive further into growing and caring for plants, in general.

Rightfully, these institutions will not delve into marijuana growing, since it is still a banned substance on the federal level. But there are those that offer seminars on opening a dispensary and further cultivation, such as the 420 College in Fresno. The Cannabis University of Colorado also conducts an All-in-One-Day class for interested growers.

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Provide Top-Notch Product Differentiation

Back in the day, there were only two main strains of cannabis: indica and sativa. In a nutshell, indica provided more of a body high that had generally gave off a relaxing effect when consumed. This is commonly used by people with anxiety, insomnia, or other sleeping disorders.

Sativa, on the other hand, was the exact opposite, as it provided more of a head high that tends to liven up an individual. This strain urges an individual to perform tasks such and do work, as it primarily stimulates the mind. This is commonly used by artists, musicians, writers, and others from the creative industry.

But with the boom of the cannabis industry, several more have been developed to cater to specific needs of an individual. This is why it is essential to provide a clear cut differentiation between each product and how they affect the human body.

As noted in this article, it is important to educate your patient, particularly since a good handful of them would be trying out cannabis for the first time, with the guidance of their doctors’ prescription. It is also a key to adhere to your patients’ feedback on each strain, and which ones they prefer. This way, you will be able to identify those that sell the most.

Build a Solid Clientele

It is a known fact that marijuana is one of the most popular recreational substances today, and a good majority would consume it if given the chance. But like having a wealth of first-hand experience, it does not necessarily mean success in the cannabis industry.

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Rightfully, the boom of legalization has caused a sudden influx of dispensaries, in the United States alone. In turn, this would create steep competition between one another, and this is where things could get tricky.

According to this 2015 article, business has been so good that a number of conglomerates have also decided to get in on the action. But with this quandary also comes a proposed solution: make customer satisfaction an utmost priority.

Rightfully, if your client based is kept happy, you would be able to establish loyalty and credibility among your customers. It is no longer about who has got the best product in town. Rather, it is about how to keep the consumer pleased and coming back for more.

In conclusion

As more and more countries head towards the route of legalization, the cannabis industry is expected to be a more cutthroat one in the years to come. Before you know it, more strains would be developed, and along with it would be newer and more innovative methods of selling and growing.

If you intend to venture into this kind of industry, approach it like how you would in any other field of business, bearing the mindset of creativity, resilience and hard work.


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